What is In-Home?
Photo day has arrived. What a wonderful day it will be. A chance to capture forever the warmth and joy of you and your family in blissful togetherness

REALITY:Trying to get everyone together and dressed just right and hope they don't wrinkle, perspire on, or in any way ruin their clothes, hair or make-up. Then rush over to the studio and hope everyone is still ready, relaxed, and picture perfect. This doesn't even take into account extended families and the cell phone circle needed to pull off this logistical challenge. Please don't feel rushed although the large volume studios have only allowed you 30 minutes until their next appointment.

Introducing In-home portraits. The way your mother or grandmother remembered. You have your family joyfully preparing for the arrival of their very own personal photographer , bringing his studio with him. While you are applying the final touches and the children are quietly reading or playing, I will be setting up for the event. I can use studio backdrops or beautiful home'. We call everyone together and enjoy the sessions, allowing touch-up and even changing ensembles. It is your home after all. After the session while everyone is changing or relaxing I will pack up my studio and be transferring the precious moments to my computer. We then enjoy the viewing and selection of those wonderfully captured expressions while choosing, in a relaxed and familiar environment, the packages that bless both you and your budget.
Formerly Film Photography
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